Mitras Automotive Sponsor Winsford Over JFC Under 7’s

Andrew Ford, a supervisor here at Mitras manages the newly founded Winsford Over JFC, Under 7’s football team. Upon hearing about this, Mitras were keen to see what they could do to help and give back to the local community. It transpired that whilst the team had a kit and sponsor already, they didn’t have any official training gear or clothes to keep warm in training or on the sidelines.

Having learnt this, Mitras offered to pay for a training jacket for each of the boys – an offer which was gratefully accepted. As a thank you for the help, the team presented Mitras with one of their shirts printed with ‘Mitras’ as photographed.

We are very glad to hear that having started the new season with their new training attire and having acquired their own ground the boys are unbeaten in the four games they’ve played having scored an impressive total of 149 goals!